About Us

Fermion is a technical research and consulting company that specializes in data analytics solutions.

Our main expertise is in bringing data sets to life - exploring data connections and exposing hidden knowledge using innovative methods of visualization.
We make data sets accessible by providing different views, search methods, faceted classifications and structured navigation across them.

We specialize in a variety of technologies, with emphasis on open source tools.

Current projects

  • iknow.io - a data exploration and knowledge sharing platform for consumers.
    People can't find the information they want even though the data is out there. We make it possible for people to turn data into insights, and to share and discuss what they find. Request an invite here.

  • Lacmus - The Lacmus knowledge engine provides generic search, visualization and query capabilities for any structured data set.
    The engine provides hybrid storage for big data - based on connected key-value storage and a graph storage - which allows it to support both relational entity searches and analytical data queries.
    The graph nature of the storage also allows Lacmus to easily connect and process data across multiple sources that holds similar entities.
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